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Finance Module

Finance Management is completely organized to handle your financial needs from start to finish.
Finance management in ERP brings all accounts: Fee account, Salary Account, Inventory, Transport and Hostel account including donations and provide a clear summary in income and expenses...

Inventory Module

Inventory Module provides an itemized catalog or list of tangible goods or property. It handles stocks; a supply accumulated for future use, stores. It manages all orders, suppliers and supplies, it manages your GRN, Indents. It helps to keep track of all goods in stock and purchase ordered..

Human Resource Module

You need to manage people within your organization; managing wages and salaries, Payroll, pay slips, leaves, attendance, providing benefits and incentives and evaluating performance.

Transport Module

To provide safe and reliable transport services to your esteemed students, transport Management in ERP helps you to achieve this. Route, sub-route and vehicle details are all part of the system.

Online Payment  

Secured online payment integrated to receive fee payment from your students using either Wallet-based or Card-based payment method. It is convenient for the parents to pay the fees online without having the hassles of travelling to schools to make the payment.

Hostel Module

Hostel is managed with ease using simple and accurate settings in Hostel module. Hostel and room allocation are done easily and on the go. Make hostel fee collection a snap deal by each payment and room usage well tracked. Assignment of warden for hostel is a click.

Why Us?

We help you manage your school, making all your income and expenses tracked. We are provide excellent software that is timely and is required for your day=to-day operations.
Our support system is 24x7. We work with you utill you are independent. You need us at this application to run your school and manage effectively with the great peace of mind..

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