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  • Talent Management software - All-In-One Educational management software Enjoy Learning and Teaching using a simple
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  • Publish-Direct is an integrated secured Publisher's Portal. Publish-direct to Schools, Manage it yourself.
  • Church Information Management System (CIMS) - Manage your multiple Church location with ease,
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Software Development Solution
  • Messaging - Campaign? Get Cheap and Clean Route Delivery on SMS and VOIP.
  • Get Dynamic QR Code Generator for your products & Landing pages. VERIFY all your products & documents online.
  • Automate your office. Get cheap application developed within your budget. Manage your existing application with us.
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Most recent innovations

  • AAcademic Results ManagementOpen or Close

    Highly secured and Easy Academic Transcript and Results management with GPA and weightage setting. Ability to import and freeze results. Automatic restriction to student due to unpaid fees. Customized to suite any need.

  • Attendance Open or Close

    Monitor student class participation. Mark only absentees, and get the total attendance in each course in a semester total attendance and add to the semester assessment score. Forming part of the weight age for academic results.

  • Fee ManagementOpen or Close

    Fees payment is make easy with all mode of payment including wallet and online payment channel. Highly convenient for parent to pay child fees anywhere..

    Payment update are provided for administration, with structured profit and Loss account, coupled with balance sheet.

    Intelligent system that allow student to check their payment update direct on their interface and view payment history.

  • Android Version Open or Close

    New Android application added to learning alternatives. Great tool that alert parents at each completed task.

    eBooks and Share Files are embedded on this version, making reading most accomplishing.

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Payment Gateway

Multiple Integrated payment gateway for all payment choice.

Fee payment over the years has been very cumbersome. Trying to haul fund to the bank or school clerks has been a great difficulty to parent, guardian and sponsors. Today the issue is for the past..

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